What Do Bluebirds Sound Like – Song & Sounds

Eastern Bluebird's sing a song that sounds like a low-pitched soft chit call. Their most common call sounds like a "tu-a-wee" with a cheerful tone. The call is very short in duration, and male bluebirds will often carry the song on just a little longer than females.

Bluebirds are a type of North American thrush. Bluebirds are small, with a wingspan of just 9-12 inches. What they lack in size, they make up for in personality. These blue feathered birds are a favorite of bird watchers. But did you know they also have a beautiful bird song?

What does a bluebird song sound like, and what makes a bluebird sing? We’ll answer those and other common questions about the delightful bluebird.

What does a bluebird song sound like?

Each of the three bluebirds has a similar but unique song. The western bluebird’s “pew, pew” song is the most recognizable of the three bird sounds.

Male Western bluebird calling

Eastern bluebirds have a low-pitched song, with an average of three notes arranged in a unique melody. No two males in the same territory sound the same. Eastern bluebirds use several phrases in their bird song. They will sometimes combine chattering calls with whistles.

Western bluebird’s song sounds like they’re saying “pew, pew.” Their song is softer and delivered in short songs. When disturbed or a predator is near, western bluebirds use a harsher chattering sound or a two-syllable “ka-check” to show their displeasure. When distressed, they clack their beak closed to make a distinct clicking sound.

The Mountain bluebird’s song has a chirping call similar to a robin. They can also warble for several minutes at a time throughout the day. When they are alarmed, mountain bluebirds clap their beaks closed to make a clicking sound similar to western bluebirds. All three species can use their bluebird call in flight or while perched.

bluebird flying over to a nestbox/birdhouse

Why do bluebirds sing?

Bluebirds sing to communicate. While it is assumed that singing is primarily for attracting female bluebirds, bluebirds sing throughout the mating season to communicate with their mate.

Male bluebirds sing more often and louder when looking for a mate. During the rest of the mating season, their song is lower, and the frequency drops quite a bit.

After breeding season is over, the male bluebird song increases again. Bird song is also used to identify and protect territories. Female bluebirds also sing to communicate with their mate and warn off potential predators.

Check our videos to find out all about the way bluebirds nest and lay eggs, and how to attract bluebirds to your garden!

Will bird feeders and bird houses attract bluebirds to my backyard?

Like many songbirds, bluebirds are attracted to bird feeders and birdhouses. They will use birdhouses year-round as a roost and a nest box!

Bluebirds love mealworms, so providing a bluebird feeder with dried or live mealworms is a great way to attract them to your yard. You can also offer suet balls and nuggets. Just make sure to choose sparrow and squirrel-proof feeders.

Bluebirds also love birdhouses. Since these birds are secondary cavity nesters, they do not excavate their own nests. In fact, their most common nesting site is in old woodpecker holes. Mount birdhouses on poles in open areas, and bluebirds will undoubtedly flock to your home in no time.

bluebird ruffling their feathers

Do mockingbirds mimic bluebirds?

Mockingbirds mimic several species of birds, including bluebirds. The Eastern bluebird song is a favorite of the mockingbird, even in areas where no eastern bluebirds are found!

Mockingbirds use mimicry to impress female mockingbirds, especially during mating season. The more songs in a male’s vocal catalog, the more likely he will attract a female.

Surprisingly, mockingbirds can also imitate other animals like frogs! In addition to bird and animal mimicry, mockingbirds can also learn sounds like car alarms and creaking doors. Despite the mockingbird’s vocal talents, female bluebirds are not fooled by the mimic.

Does the bluebird song have a spiritual meaning?

Like many songbirds, bluebirds symbolize hope, love, and joy. In many cultures and faith traditions, blue is a color of peace and renewal. Birds have long been believed to have ties to the spirit realm, especially songbirds. Songbirds are often seen as messengers of angels and lost loved ones.

For many Native American tribes, bluebirds are connected to the wind. They symbolize the dawning of a new day. A visit from a bluebird often evokes feelings of bliss and contentment. Many believe if a bluebird sings to you, it’s a sign that you must make your voice heard.

Bluebirds often appear when you’ve set aside your own needs to make someone else happy. If you’ve been silencing yourself to make others happy, hearing a bluebird song is a gentle reminder to unmute yourself. Let your voice be heard, and claim your happiness!

In the video below, we discuss the meaning of crossing path with a Bluebird, whether in real life or your dreams.

Has the bluebird’s song inspired love songs?

Bluebirds have inspired love songs, country songs, and even children’s songs. There are many songs in North America alone inspired by bluebirds. Even the classic Somewhere Over the Rainbow mentions the “happy little bluebirds.”

Bluebird, Bluebird is a playground children’s song. Like most playground songs, the origin story and lyrics vary from region to region, but the basic premise remains the same.

In 1973, Linda and Paul McCartney wrote Bluebird. This song was performed by a band names Wings on their album, “Band on the Run.”

More recently, Miranda Lambert’s 2019 single Bluebird reached number 1 on the country music billboard. Bluebird also received a CMA award for the music video of the year.

Bluebird was written by Miranda Lambert with co-writers Luke Dick and Natalie Hemby just three days after her marriage to Brendan McLoughlin. It is a song of hope and perseverance, like many songs inspired by the beautiful bluebird.

It’s no surprise the bluebird song brings as much joy to bird lovers as the bluebird itself. Bluebirds have inspired love songs, brought comfort, and offered spirit meaning in their visits.

If you love bluebirds, there are plenty of things you can do to attract them to your yard:

  • Offer bluebird feeders with mealworms and suet
  • Keep pets indoors or supervise them outside when birds are around
  • Install a birdbath in your yard
  • Place bluebird houses in open spaces on your property
  • Plant and maintain native greenery
  • Clean out nest boxes in the fall, so bluebirds have a warm place to spend the winter

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